The Power of Attraction Marketing

Unsure about attraction marketing? Wouldn’t it be great to have hundreds, if not thousands, of qualified leads that are interested and ready to invest in any product or service that you have to offer? What if you had these qualified leads in the palm of your hand contacting you daily and on a regular basis just to get the chance to hear you speak? This is the power of attraction marketing and anyone who has anything to sell or market should be interested to find out exactly what it entails.

Branding Strategies

The first concept of attraction marketing is the personal branding power that you can leverage when you put yourself in front of customers on a daily basis. This doesn’t mean that you should be contacting potential clients and customers directly. On the contrary, this means that you should be increasing your personal brand by putting yourself in your target market’s shoes and going everywhere they go. Let them see your face, your personality, your attitude, and how you do things. Having a unique brand of “You” rather than an impersonal company name is part of the leverage that will go a long way when it comes time to deliver the back-end sale. A big key to success in both attraction marketing and personal branding is consistency.

Using Online Media

A major part of attraction marketing is leveraging the online media that’s free and wide open for the taking. As mentioned, to increase your personal branding strategy you need to be in front of your customers continuously. The way this can be done is by using your own personal website, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and other social media networks to get your profile out there and get your name recognized. By having these tools in place and focusing on connecting with potential customers, you’ll have more people knocking on your door, emailing you, and calling you if they need help.

Using every single communication channel to increase your visibility is the ultimate way to make attraction marketing work for you. Make sure you use the same profile picture as much a possible. Also try to use the same user name for all ID’s facebook.com/ YOUR REAL NAME or Brand name

Authority and Words Count

Attraction marketing also means that you should be striving to increase popularity by showing your authority or trustworthiness on a certain issue. Create a blog to let people listen to what you have to say. Answer questions from interested consumers and people will take you seriously. By delivering real value to your prospective customers and treating them as valued customers already, your personal branding and authority skyrockets and your credibility improves drastically. The best way to gain trust is to GIVE as much good free stuff away as you can. This will do 2 things:

1. Get people wondering “If this is his FREE stuff, then his PAID stuff must be awesome”
2. Reciprocity kicks in. You have given so much for free people Feel that they SHOULD but a little something at least.

Due to this form of authority and positive personal branding, the next time that your target market is looking for a solution to their problem you will be the one that they flock to for answers. All of these techniques are important in creating and implementing a real attraction marketing solution. Attraction marketing is the ultimate way to get more customers knocking at your door for answers and the best way to achieve sales over the long haul. Failure to use these attraction marketing strategies will leave you running around and inefficiently chasing unqualified prospects. Become magnetic and you will be the hunted instead of the hunter.

Remember – you don’t just want to be another impersonal company that focuses on sales only! Your goal should be to focus on personal branding and being immersed with your target market through all communication channels to make attraction marketing work and achieve the sales and success you want!