Sick and Tired of Miscellaneous Bank Fees? Stay Informed

Maybe you have acquired overdraft fees or ATM fees. These two fees are among many fees that tend to show up on your statement without you knowing. Even if you try to research every fee your bank charges, it is extremely difficult to find the information. These fees are generating enormous profits in the banking industry.

According to an article published in The Wall Street Journal, banks have earned an approximate $80 billion on fees in 2006. Ten years ago, fees accounted for just 3% of bank income.

Overdraft Fees

We all know that overdraft fees can add up rather quickly and either destroy your budget or snowball into late payments on bills due to lack of funds. The majority of banks always clear the largest check or transaction first. They do this so your $5, $10 or $20 transactions will all bounce and produce an abundance of overdrafts. So instead of clearing the smaller transactions first and having one overdraft charge (for an average of $30) on the bigger transaction, you will have three overdraft charges (totaling $90) for the smaller ones.

Tips: Talk to your local bank branch and see if you can connect a savings account with your checking and have them automatically deduct funds out of your savings if and overdraft occurs. There may be a $5 fee every time your savings bails you out, but at least it’s not a $35 fee. Also, it can be really beneficial to monitor your account online through your bank’s website. This way you can see up-to-date available funds. Most online banking services offer a bill pay feature where you can pay all your bills electronically. They also provide a bill payment pending area, where you can quickly click cancel payment if you find you are short on funds. This can be a preventive measure in avoiding over drafting.

Late Fees

We all dread late fees, especially if we know in advance that we cannot make the payment on time. Here are some numbers to throw out at you courtesy of MSN Money.

Below are the average costs of late fees on credit cards from 1994-2005.

1994 $12.55 1995 $13.25 1996 $14.21 1997 $19.24 1998 $22.10 1999 $25.61 2000 $27.10 2001 $28.29 2002 $30.04 2003 $31.44 2004 $32.61 2005 $34.42

Tip: Try to make all credit card payments online either from a bill pay feature on your personal banking website or on the credit card site. Make your payment no less than 2-3 days in advance. Computer systems will process your payments electronically leaving little room for error. More mistakes may happen if mailing in a check to the credit card company. It can get lost in transit; a payment processor can improperly input the payment or it could be misplaced in the mail room. You never know what can happen.

ATM Fees

According an article in MSN Money, on average, your bank charges you 25% more than it did six years ago for using another bank’s ATM. Not only can you be charged by the bank who owns the ATM, but you will also get a surcharge from your own bank for using the other bank’s ATM.

Tip: Try to use your own bank’s ATM. This way none of these pointless fees will add up. Also, Washington Mutual ATM’s do not charge other bank’s customers for using their machines, according to MSN Money. You will still get dinged by your own bank.

Paper Fees

Since banking institutions have entered the digital age, less paper is being used. So if you need a copy of a previous check for some reason, some banks are charging photocopying fees. Banks now scan your processed checks into a digital database and make them available for download via online banking. So instead of requesting a photocopied check, you can make one click of the mouse and print the scanned image of the check directly from your computer.

Last-Minute Bill Pay Fees

You know the times that you find out some bills are due on the day of or the night before? You have the funds, but cannot send a check or make an online payment before it is due. So you call and make a payment over the phone. Expedited bill-pay fees range from $5-$15 and in 2006, banks made $1.26 billion from these timely payments.

Tip: Online payments take 2-3 days to process. Print out a calendar and fill in what bills are due on specific days. If you are into technology, set up reminders on your Blackberries, cell phones, PDA’s or Microsoft Outlook. Some banks have services through online bill pay where the bank will send you email notifications a week before the bill is due.

These late fees are the most detrimental among the many fees that banks now apply toward consumers. Obviously, by keeping track of your expenses daily and making timely payments, you can tremendously decrease your chances of getting hit with unnecessary fees. In addition, if you know that you are in good standing with your bank and rarely overdraft, it does not hurt to walk into your local bank branch in person and ask for a courtesy refund. Most banks will work with you, if you are a good customer.


The Most Relevant Way to Compare Auto Insurance Prices

If you own a car you have dealt with obtaining insurance for it. You have to; it is one of the necessary evils of the world. Every state requires that you carry some form of insurance on your car. Some countries even require you to obtain car insurance before you buy a car! Before insuring your car it is a great idea to compare auto insurance prices and types of policies. Now one enjoys the process of finding car insurance, but with today’s technology it is much easier to do than it has been in the past.

Here are some ways to compare auto insurance prices:

First of all there are only 2 ways to compare auto insurance prices. You can go online, or you can call and visit insurance agents. It is important to do some research before jumping into either way. If you rush getting a car insurance policy chances are you are going to be paying too much and not getting the best policy that is available for you. You may even become involved with a careless company that will not help you when the time comes that you need it.

If you are like most people you are busy. There is little time left over in the day to do the things that you enjoy, much less shop for car insurance. Not only does visiting agents take time it is also easy to lose your patience and settle for a policy that may not be right for you. We know that in order to get the best quote we will need to compare auto insurance prices and doing so online is much easier and more importantly much faster. From the convenience of your own home you can search for online auto insurance quotes, you will get a number of hits.

One thing to be aware of is getting involved in a scam. Remember if an offer sounds too good to be true it probably is. It is very important to gather information from off line sources also. You should always do as much research as possible if you are truly looking for the best policy. If you are careful and do your research finding a car insurance company can be a relatively easy process. It is important to take your time and do your homework before signing on with any company. By following a few simple steps you can save yourself some time and money on your car insurance.


How to Invest and Make 40% in Days

Do you know you can make up to 40% interest on your little investment in few days? You can invest your money and eat only your gain without doing anything. Cryptocurrency gives you this opportunity to invest online with a 100% guarantee on investment returns.

In this great disaster facing the entire world, it is important for people to know the best way to make a living from the comfort of their home. there are so many online investment companies that will pay you more than your employer. If you invest with a reputable company online, you will glide into your financial freedom with ease. While others are playing games with their phones, eating their resources away, and complaining of hard times others are making money using their phone and little resources in investments that pay 40% interest within days.

There is no hope to the time life will return to normal due to this global pandemic, therefore, sustenance in this unprecedented time is a thing of utmost concern in other to help us cater for family and our lives in general in this time of global uncertainty.

It is advisable to look into online investment via cryptocurrency which allows you to make about 40% of your total investment. Life, for now, has been shifted to what we can be able to do online, therefore, it is import to channel our energy towards online trading.

There are many people who do not have an idea about cryptocurrency and how to take advantage of this high booming trading which has the ability to take you to your desired financial level and there are people who have been reading and looking into the business for a long time without making up their mind on the trade.

Cryptocurrency is a global currency that its value continues to grow even in times like this as compared to our regular currency, therefore investing in cryptocurrency is like mining gold because we are now in the future, the computer is taking over the jobs, and the unemployment rate is getting worse by the day. Life is moving from what it is to what it should be(cryptocurrency). If you are yet to start investing in cryptocurrency then you are still living the past.

You might have been looking for this opportunity where you can invest and make stressless money with a reputable company online and investment that does not need luck or prediction to earn your interest.


Intelligent Choices From a Bank Foreclosure Sale

When planning to purchase from a bank foreclosure sale, buyers will be exposed to the various aspects of property investment. More often than not, the bank will partner with an asset management firm who will handle all their real estate owned homes. The firm is in charge of default management as well as the home appraisal.

Ways of Buying from a Bank Foreclosure Sale

There are several stages of the foreclosure proceeding where a bank foreclosure sale can take place. In the pre-foreclosure stage, buyers can approach home owners who have secured the approval of their lender to sell their home on their own and at a price which is lower than the remainder of their debt. This is what is more popularly known as the short sale.

Buyers can likewise purchase a foreclosure lists through a sheriff’s sale or a public auction. The notice of auction along with its pertinent details is published in newspapers and posted at the county courthouse. Participants would need to pay a fee that may be equivalent to ten percent of the opening bid to be able to participate in the auction. The winner of the auction is expected to settle the entire value of their winning bid in cash in a very short time.

A bank foreclosure sale can also occur after the sheriff’s sale, because not all properties offered at auctions are sold successfully. Bank foreclosures can also be purchased through the asset management company or the real estate broker handling the bank’s inventory of REO homes. This process is simple and straightforward as the buyer needs only to submit an offer for a particular property which the property manager will forward to the bank. Most of the time the bank will come back with a counter offer in an attempt to obtain a higher price for their home. At this point the interested buyer can make one last offer based on the bank’s counter offer at which time the bank may either accept or reject the final offer.